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Our pizza Gourmet: La Lievitata  
( For this dish to book within 18,00)

Sulmona red garlic, cherry tomatoes peeled, parsley and Tuscani
fresh extra virgin olive oil
( can add the chilli pepper)
€ 12,00

La lievitata
Cherry tomatoes peeled, Buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil and
extra virgin olive oil
€ 16,00

Culatello of Zibello ( special type of ham) with
creamy Buffalo mozzarella
€ 25,00

Dada e Brie
Brie, cherry tomatoes peeled, sautèed zucchini and topped with
crispy Parmesan
€ 22,00

Bianco e Nero
 Robiola cheese, black olives emulsion and Pecorino cheese scales
€ 18,00

Chicory, Brescian salami and Bagos in flakes
€ 22.00

La Porcini
Fresh Mushroom sautè with garlic and parsley, crouncy bacon
and swiss cheese
€ 25,00

Il lago affumicato ………
Trout and coregone smoked by Oscar, smoked scamorza cheese and extra virgin olive oil
€ 22.00

Smoked swordfish
Smoked swordfish, peeled tomatoes, garlic and arugula
€ 22.00

Anchovies from Cantabrico sea, cherry tomatoes peeled, buffala mozzarella, capers and calabrian origan
€ 25,00

Gamberi (Shrimps)
Marinated shrimps with fennel, philadelphia cheese,
soy souce
€ 25,00

Sorry, are not possible variants
There is a mixture for celiac disease
Trattoria da  Oscar - via Barcuzzi, 16 - Lonato del Garda (Brescia) - Tel 030 9130409 - C.F.: 02043870175 - P.I. 00675790984
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